Flammable Cleaner Accident in Conway

Published 04/09 2014 02:24PM

Updated 04/09 2014 08:45PM

LITTLE ROCK, AR-- Conway firefighters responded to a chemical spill.

The situation is under control as crews continue to clean up the mess. There were no evacuations.

The spill happened at Multi-Chem on Amity Road.

Police investigators say a worker lost control of a forklift and released a hazardous material used for defoaming.

That worker was not injured, but he ended spilling roughly 150 gallons on the ground.

"It was contained to the facility itself there and it was outside, that's where the container was busted," said firefighter spokesperson Brian Moix.

Firefighters say there were no injuries, but the accident did shut down the road for much of the day. Drivers had to find alternate routes.

"It's inconvenient. Time is money. Now I have to circumvent this entire area just to get where I am going," said driver Jake Ippolito.

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