Flood Water in Brinkley Leaves Residents Concerned

BRINKLEY,AR-Worms and garbage now fill the flooded yards of many homes in Brinkley.

"Well right now it's up the road is the airport and there are spilt chemicals in the water. You got snakes around your house. Don't know if they are trying to get in or not. it's just the bad smell" says David Gordon. 

David Gordon and his sister in law are still using a boat to access the house seven days after heavy rain in Monroe county left at least three feet of flood water in some areas.

In the town of Brinkley water is at a stand still because of a drainage issue.

"They are blaming it on Piney Ditch here. They are pointing fingers at everybody for the reason why the water is staying and they are trying to figure out what to do to get it off of people" says Gordon. 

That water, filled with gas tanks, dumpsters, and garbage. The water is so high that Arkansas Game and Fish have to use boats to get around to homes. The longer the water stays, the more issues that arise and the longer the Gordon's have to wait to begin the clean up process.

"On the ground it will take a good rain to wash it off but the smell will be around for about a week" says Gordon.

City and government have scheduled to hold a meeting Monday in Brinkley to try to fix this issue.

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