Hardig Family:Doctors Begin Research On Brain-Eating Infection Survivor

- LITTLE ROCK, AR-- A Benton girl who fought and won the battle against a brain-eating infection has started research with doctors, her family says.

Kali Hardig's mother says just after spring break, Kali had an MRI completed so that doctors could take a look at her brain to advance medical research.

"You don't want your child or any of your family members to have to go through what we went through this summer," said Traci Hardig.

The 12-year-old faced death last summer after swimming at a water park and getting parasitic meningitis, which is a deadly brain infection, but Kali survived.

"We could not have done it without the prayers and support we had," said Traci.

The Hardig family is excited doctors can use Kali's brain to research how to better treat the sickness.

Kali turns 13 this month.

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