Stop the Violence March


LITTLE ROCK, AR.- A former pro football player spent the day trying to raise awareness in Little Rock.

 Reggie Swinton joined "Stop the Violence" advocate Reverend Benny Johnson Sunday in a march to bring parents and kids together in hopes of preventing a rise in violence. A number of Swinton AAU football players came out with there parents and marched from Martin Luther King Drive all the way to the steps of the Capitol.
 Swinton says with all of the violence he wanted to raise awareness and show the community kids who are doing the right thing. "There is so much going on right now with killings. Black on black crimes and with everything that is going on in Ferguson right now we have to show that not all kids in the community are doing things bad," says Swinton.

 More than 40 supporters showed up Sunday. April Gullege and her kids joined in the march. She says as a parents she tries to instill that violence is not the answer in her children. "I brought my children out here today so that we can raise awareness in the city to let you know that all children are not bad children and that we are trying to do something positive in the community," says Gullege. They all hope the community will come together and help stop the violence.

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