Jacksonville Family Leaves New York With Super Memories

JACKSONVILLE, AR - Last Sunday was a great day for Jacksonville native Clinton McDonald. Clinton won the Super Bowl as a member of the Seattle Seahawks.  He recorded five tackles and one fumble recovery. 

And the best part was his family was able to go to the big game.

"I'm very proud of him," Clinton's dad, Larry, said. "I feel happy for Clinton to achieve what he set out, or strived to achieve."

More than a win, Clinton's family was able to bring back several memories, and it all started as the game started.

"After the National Anthem, and the flag was unrolled, then the game began, and the defense came out, and who was starting?" Clinton's mom, Bonnie, asked. "We was starting in the Super Bowl, the world's largest game of football.'

The surprises continued.

"We were thumbing through the program, and here there was a picture of Clinton, talking about his accolades for this year," Bonnie said.

As the Clintons were heading back home to Arkansas, waiting in the airport, one more surprise was in store.  It was a simple picture on the cover of one of the biggest newspapers in the world, the New York Times.

"And who do we have on the front of the paper, Clinton and Peyton Manning," Bonnie said.

Three surprises making this super journey one, a special one. 

Now Larry said it's time to let it all soak in.

"It grabs me more and more, it dawns on me more and more how terrific it is," he said.

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