Judge Joe Brown Arrested

MEMPHIS, TN (WATN) - Judge Joe Brown is out of jail tonight after being arrested earlier today in Tennessee.

Brown was arrested for contempt of court Tuesday at Shelby County Juvenile Court.

He officially entered the race for Shelby County District Attorney last month.

The former Shelby County Prosecutor is perhaps better known as the outspoken television courtroom judge. 

In a statement, Juvenile Court Judge Curtis Person said: 
"Anyone who comes before the Juvenile Court of Memphis and Shelby County will be treated fairly, with dignity and with respect. Anyone who acts in a contemptuous manner toward this Court, toward any member of this Court, toward any employee of this Court or toward any visitor of this Court will be dealt with appropriately according to the laws of the State of Tennessee."

Brown was released from jail on his own recognizance after an order was signed by Judge Beasley Tuesday evening.

The courtroom audio is attached above.

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