Little Rock School Reading Plan Under Fire

LITTLE ROCK, AR - The Little Rock School superintendent and some parents are at odds, at the approach to teach
students how to read.

Doctor Dexter Suggs unveiled a portion of his plan to the media this morning. His proposal calls for a "reading
specialist" at all of the district’s elementary schools to work with a group of three to nine students.

The current reading specialists in place are credited for giving a lot of one-on-one attention to address students'

"Everything we are doing is based on sound research, based on sound data that we have gathered to ensure that we
will provide the best possible service for our students," says Suggs.

"Do the math on it. 9 students, 30 minutes. That's 3:33 per child. You can't do anything in 3:33."

Some parents have signed a petition urging the board and Superintendent Suggs to keep the current plan in place.

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