Logan County Uneasy About Convicted Murderer's Escape

- Lisa Hudson has been hearing a lot of talk about escaped murderer Timothy Buffington.

"You hear people talking about it and coming in here seeming concerned and worried," she said from behind the counter of a Booneville gas station.

The fact he was convicted by a Logan County jury makes his prison escape front page news in the small town, and people said they had been keeping their eyes peeled.

"I am, and my neighbors are on the lookout, too," said resident John Beasley.

But Hudson didn't think the average person has been truly terrified.

"I think they know that wasn't just a random crime it was personal," she said. "So, unless you were connected to the case,  I don't feel like people are too scared."

But for Wayne Fletcher, the case was personal. His eyewitness account of his girlfriend being shot in the front seat of his truck is what helped put Buffington behind bars.

"If something would have happened with me he may not have got locked up," Fletcher said. "He might have gotten away with it."

According to Fletcher, he and others involved in the case were never notified by Logan County law enforcement that Buffington was armed and out of custody.

"At first I couldn't believe it, cause I found out on the internet about it," he said. "They never called. And they know everyone involved in this. And it wasn't like he was put away for stealing a car, he was convicted of murder."

Fletcher also said he's been having to look out for himself while Buffington's whereabouts are unknown.

"You don't know if you are going to be hunted down or something you don't know if he's going to show up in the middle of the night -- anything could happen," he said.

And Fletcher added that law enforcement hasn't been helping out those who helped put Buffington away.

"They [law enforcement] should be doing welfare checks to make sure that he hasn't shown up at their [those involved] house or keeping them hostage," he said.

Hudson agreed even the average Joe has probably been taking extra precautions. At least until the headline highlights that Buffington's back in lockup.

"They're unsure. And I'm sure they are locking their doors," she said.

Multiple calls to the Logan County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday have not been returned. The Sheriff's Office has been making posts concerning Buffington on its Facebook page.

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