Main Street Shop Open Nearly 40 Years; Closing To Make Room For New Development

LITTLE ROCK, AR-Tom Choi pulls the going out of business signs in and out of his clothing shop 'Mr.Cool' and despite the frigid temperatures.

"Right now business is very very slow," said Choi. "They don't have money in their pocket why they can't shop."

However it's not the slow business that's causing them to close shop.

"Modernize, developing on Main Street," he said.

They've been bought out to make room for newer restaurants, higher lofts Main Sreet is prime real estate.

"For the period of over 37 years," said Choi. "The area has changed very very much."

It's nothing he and his wife of fifty years Susie, "Long time, we mostly nice," she said.

"We married in Korea in 1964," she said.

Haven't seen before, and Tom said he's looking forward to kicking up his feet.

"After that I'm going to retire," said Choi. "I'm 84-years-old!"

A chapter in Little Rock's history will close with them.

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