Man Speaks After Accident Caused Him To Go Blind

- LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A Central Arkansas man speaks out for the first time after being involved in an accident that left him blind.

"I'm doing great," said Briston Bradley, who is now receiving care from the World Services for the Blind in Little Rock.

"Just living life all over again," said Bradley.

It's a new experience for him after a car accident in 2011 caused glass to go into his eyes.

"The doctors told me I will never be able to see anything ever again," said Bradley.

He was a passenger and not responsible for the one-car accident, but now he wants to tell others even though his sight is gone, the will to move on is present.

"I would say the only thing that is different is I can't drive, other than that I'm still the same Briston," he said.

He does admit the crash made him change.

"I've put it all behind me. I have a new life, a new walk and my main focus is God," said Bradley.

At the time, initial reports showed his father was behind the wheel and charged with reckless driving in addition to other charges. 

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