Man Uses the Web to Help a Dying Friend

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Max Cabrera is losing his best friend.

Sunday night, according to Little Rock police, Lemen Arana was shot in the head by her boyfriend, leaving her clinging to life.

"It was horrific news, nobody saw it coming, how do you see that coming?" said Cabrera.

Now days later, Arana is on life support waiting for her organs to be donated.

"She's giving her heart, her tissue, her eyes."

"It means she's living on, she's living on, her heart is living on, her tissue is living on, and you know we all know her spirit is going to live on, but it's a great thing that she's helping somebody even when she passed."

For eight years, Max and Lemen were close friends.

Max said Lemen was always there for him, even during tough times, "That's what a friend is, you know, I won't forget that, so I feel like I owe it to her now."

While searching for ways to help the family of a friend who is dying, Max found a website.  He organized the site to help raise money for the family. 

"As a friend, and I say I'm her best friend, I owed it to her and her family to do all I could do to keep her memory alive and to help them at the same time."

The first goal is $5,000 in 15 days.  The plan is to give the cash to the family for funeral and medical costs, help support Lemen's three children, and even give a portion of the proceeds to organ donation research.

"I can only do a small part which is what I"m trying to do, to raise the money to help them."

Click here for Lemen's donation page. 

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