Memphis Celebrates The "King Of Rock N Roll"

MEMPHIS, TN -- While the nation celebrated the Fourth of July, the city of Memphis had another anniversary to celebrate.

Elvis Presley sang his first song at the legendary Sun Studio on July 5th, 1954 -- 60 years ago.

Most music historians will tell you the day Elvis belted out "That's alright" changed rock and roll forever.

They say it was the day rock and roll was born.

Dozens of people celebrated at the Sun Studio.

A few days after Elvis recorded that first song, DJ Dewey Phillips played it on his radio show ten times in a row.

Dewey Phillips' son and others say they are proud to mark this day.

"For them to keep his memory going like they are doing and let people know his contributions to the history of Memphis Rock N Roll is the greatest thing that every happened," Phillips said.

Tracy Silk came all the way from Australia to participate in the celebration. 

"Plus Elvis Presley is a legend and he always will be," Silk said. "I mean even my daughter is coming here and she is 26 and she's coming here at Christmas time because she grew up listening to Elvis."

The celebration continued tonight at the Levitt Shell in Midtown where a special was held to honor the King.

Levitt Shell was where Elvis had his first professional performance.

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