Mother Withdraws Her Daughter After She Wanders From Geyer Springs Elementary

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Five-year-old Thara is awaiting an assignment to a new school.

According to the girl's mother, her daughter was told by a teacher to go to the library to meet with her classmates.
Thara didn't see them there so she went back to the classroom but she found the door locked. She went outside still looking for them but ended up in the neighborhood. A neighbor saw her, took her into her home and then called police.

Shadarrah Madden says she's getting conflicting statements from school leaders and still to this day she's still not been told what administrators will do to prevent this.

"It was like we're sorry. It's a mistake. It won't happen again so go on. Don't worry about it and that's not what I do. Not my children. I need to know what's going to be done and how it's going to be done," says Madden

The school district calls this regrettable and says appropriate action has been taken.

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