Neighbor Speaks About Youngest Storm Victims

VILONIA, AR - Two Vilonia parents are in the hospital recovering and grieving the loss of their two young sons following Sunday's deadly tornado.

April and Daniel Smith lost their 8-year-old son Cameron and 7-year-old son Tyler after the tornado destroyed their home.

Cameron and Tyler were the youngest victims of the tornado.

Their home on 10 Cody Lane is now just a slab of concrete.

One of the Smiths' neighbors is still in shock over the loss and can't believe they are gone.

"Nice kids. They road bikes up and down the road every day after school, played with my dogs," says Mike Turner.

Parents, Daniel and April are said to be in stable condition at a local hospital and are coping well.

According to Turner, Daniel was in bad shape when they found him.

"There were big cuts on the back of his neck they were deep. I couldn't tell how deep they were," says Turner.

Turner, like many others cant believe what has happened to his neighborhood and his new neighbors.

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