Neighborhood Streets Still Causing Concerns in West LR

Published 03/03 2014 07:45PM

Updated 03/03 2014 08:11PM

Little Rock, AR - Following Sunday's winter weather storm, many of the major interstates and roadways in Central Arkansas are mostly clear of ice and snow, but neighborhood streets are another story.  In West Little Rock, off of Chenal Parkway, the St. Charles and Villages of Wellington neighborhood streets are nearly covered with ice.

Fred Rector lives in St. Charles, he said, "We prepare for it, we know that when the ice comes we are stuck for a day or two, and then once the ice comes up, or starts thawing, we can get out of the driveway. "

Rector also does his part to make his street safer. 

He said his brother-in-law works for a road department in Chicago, and gives him salt for his driveway and street every year.

"He brings down a couple hundred pounds a year, and so I just go out and spread it in the morning, and then he gives me some pre-treatment that I put down before the storm actually gets here."

"It's just kinda helping your neighbor out, you know.  What's ole Hillary say, it takes a village."

With cold temperatures expected in Little Rock into Tuesday, these neighborhood roads could stay troublesome for at least another day. 

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