New Leaders Chart Gould's Future After Mayor's Resignation

- GOULD, AR -- Days after its mayor resigned, the city of Gould is working to pick up the pieces after years of infighting inside city hall.

Former Mayor Ernest Nash stepped down without notice effective immediately Thursday, after a tenure that's felt like a roller-coaster to many.

Beverly Burkett is preparing to open a new restaurant in Gould and hopes the changes will help get the town back on track.

"The Gould I see today is very divided. The Gould I grew up in was united, people cared about each other and helped each other," says Burkett.

Her vision is a far cry where it's been the past few years.

In 2011, attitudes boiled over as the city battled a $300,000 tax debt, city leaders battled one another and the mayor was attacked.

Often at the center of the controversy, Nash threw in the towel Thursday.

"I am moving out of the city and moving on to bigger, better and greater things," he shared Tuesday.

Opening his new office for the first time since being voted in Monday night, interim mayor William Byers is hoping to do the same for the city.

"There has been some division, some factions a lot of good people live in Gould, good people who want the community to move forward," he says.

Byers admits if won't easy but says he's encouraged by people like Burkett who are investing in Gould's future despite the town's tumultuous past.

Burkett says, "I see Gould as a diamond in the rough."

Burkett's new restaurant, Beverly's, is set to open in March.

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