New Storm Chasing Technology Allows Up Close and Personal Tornado Study

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Storm chasing. It may look like fun, but it's risky, and it can be deadly. Now the folks at the Iowa Storm Chasing Network hope they have the protection they need.

Say hello to "Dorothy" a former Ford E350 van turned storm chasing vehicle that will allow researchers with the Iowa Storm Chasing Network to safely study tornadoes up close and personal.

From inside this moving fortress, storm chasers can track tornadoes in real-time helping folks at home know where a twister is heading and when to take cover.

"Tornadoes are really unpredictable and they can make a turn at any second and if you're in a small car you're not going to do too well. So basically the thought behind this is safety," says Brennan Jontz.

If you'll remember last year three storm chasers were killed in a massive tornado that demolished their car and claimed the lives of 10 others.

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