State Highway Leaders Reload for Storm After Weekend Hit

- LITTLE ROCK, AR --  State road crews around Central Arkansas prepare for another winter system after a weekend hit.

Workers began pre-treating roadways about 6 p.m. Sunday, dropping liquid calcium chloride on the roads to make recovery easier and quicker.
"We were out virtually all night here in central Arkansas doing a lot of pre-treating on roads and bridges,"spokesperson Randy Ort said. "That doesn't keep ice from forming, but it does keep it from adhering to a road way surface, and makes it a little be easier for us to clear off."
Over the weekend, all parts of central Arkansas saw traffic nightmares as a result of the winter storm.

State transportation leaders say in order for the process to work and be effective, one inch of snow or slush must be on the ground before the department will start plowing.

Beginning last night, workers began working 12-hour shifts.

"We are talking a couple of days between storms to check out equipment," Ort said.

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