NLR Women Missing 21 Days, Loved Ones Search for Answers

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Loved ones of Shequenia Burnett and Tarkessa Wallace said it's unlike the women to leave without a word, which is why they're asking for help finding them and are plastering pictures on every corner.

As many as 3,000 are plastered from Little Rock to Jacksonville.

"I hope they look at it," Dina Bell said. "Get a good look and if they see them to please report it."

Burnett's bright smile looks back form every street light and telephone pole.

"I hope she come back looking like that," Bell said.

The women have been missing three weeks now.

"We don't know if she's OK, if she's suffering," said Shanisa Thomas, Burnett's younger sister. "The last thing I got from her was a text where she said, 'I love you.' And I said 'I love you too,' and that was the last thing I heard from her."

Never going through something like this before, the loved ones of the missing women had no clue where to begin, however have hit the ground running, posting flyers and planning searches.

They are even trying to raise money for a reward, but because there's no evidence of a crime, crimestoppers cannot help there.

"As a community we need to stand together and do as much as we can," Thomas said. "Trust me we are not going to let this go."
They say covering the city in flyers has been like a full time job.

"That's what it's been for the last three weeks," Bell said.

Memories of these missing women is the only thing pushing them forward.

"What would you do if it was your daughter, your mother, your sister?" Bell said.

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