NWA Business Collects Donations for Pets Affected by Tornado

FAYETTEVILLE, AR (NWAhomepage.com) -- Several Northwest Arkansas organizations are doing their part to help the victims in Central Arkansas, but one business is helping the less obvious, four-legged victims.

"We know that a lot of times, the pets are forgotten so we really want to bring awareness to the community," says Megan Kelsey, owner of Something Urban, a clothing shop on Dickson Street. 

Just this year, Kelsey moved back to Fayetteville from Little Rock. 

"Since I had just come from that area, and I know the area very well, I was very concerned about everybody that I know that's still there, and I just thought, 'what can I do to help out?'"

Between the accessories and apparel, a love for pets shines through. 

"I know personally that, if this happened to me, I would just be devastated because my animals are my life," she said. 

The shop is taking donations for the pets in need after the tornado in Central Arkansas. 

"Even if it's just half a bag of dog food or cat food, right now they need anything they can get. Size doesn't matter, if it's a crate or a carrier, they're just looking for anything to help carry the animals, transport them and find their homes," she says. 

The donations will help the volunteers and shelters caring for stranded animals until they're reunited with family. 

"They need us right now, the animals need us, and we really just want everybody to come out to support them because we are Arkansas Strong and we want to show it," Kelsey says. 

CLICK HERE to help find animals lost in Sunday's tornado.

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