President Obama Leaves Vilonia with Inspiration & Hope

- VILONIA, AR- The President of the United States is leaving a huge dent in the Central Arkansas community,  damaged by an EF-4 Tornado, with words of inspiration and hope.

At a news conference Wednesday night, following the Commander in Chief's departure, Faulkner County Leaders expressed their gratitude and what they took away from the President's visit.

"I think it's uplifting to know that when there's a rift here in Faulkner County Arkansas that the President will come visit when we need him," says Allen Dodson, Faulkner County Judge.

Faulkner County Judge Allen Dodson says President Obama's visit to Arkansas meant a lot to Arkansans.

"You know it's symbolic and it's a chance for us to use this as a milestone for healing," says Dodson.

But now that President Obama is gone, Dodson says his impact on the community won't stop there.

"I've seen ripples from coast I coast with federal resources being garnered and brought to bear right here and they're here in droves," says Dodson.

Dodson explains Federal help has been here and will stay as devastated communities start rebuilding.

One Vilonia teen who's played an active role in helping her town since day one was pulled out of class Wednesday to be recognized for her efforts.

"It wasn't like the President of the United States just came in here, he's talking to me, it was he's here to help the community and telling everybody good job and to keep going. I mean we will soar again," says Casey Williams, Vilonia resident.

It's a message if hope that's inspiring survivors to look towards a brighter future.

"I hope that it means a lot to our people, I think that it does just in talking with them, I hope that it uplifts them," says Dodson.

Another thing people were worried about was politics. Dodson says he didn't see any of that and appreciates both the Arkansas community and the President for looking at this as a human issue.

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