Prison Looking for New Home

LITTLE ROCK, AR.- The Arkansas Department of Corrections has begun to advertise for towns willing to house a new prison. The process began this week. Towns interested must fill out a nine page application and submit it to the department.

"There are a lot of very attractive communities out there and we are just interested in hearing from all of them. and going where we are wanted," says Shea Wilson with the Department of Corrections.

From there the, department will evaluate whether the town fits their needs or not. That list of needs, quite long.

"We need to be close to medical resources and have adequate utilities. We also require a population base that is substantial enough to support a work force. For staff recruitment and development purposes we would like to be near a university, college, or community college," says Wilson.

The Department estimates that the new facility will bring 250 jobs and cost 19 million dollars to run a year.
All towns interested must submit their applications by October 24th.

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