Renters Surprised by Apartment Flooding

MAUMELLE, AR - Residents in Maumelle were caught off guard over the weekend after torrential rain. That rain caused flash flooding--leaving some without a place to stay.

At the Gables Apartments, the roadways may be dry and the grass a little damp, but the damage inside the apartments have dozens of residents upset.

Monday afternoon, residents sat outside of their apartments as they waited for the water to dry. Inside of the apartments, carpets and baseboards were drenched.

Residents say the water came out of no where and rushed into their first floor apartments.
"I thought it was just going to be simple. Maybe it's raining and it's kind of flooded. Like a flash flood warning something like that but not to be my apartment flooded out; not my apartment. I could have never imagined it to get this bad," said renter Tadeesha Dansby.

As of now, residents affected are trying to salvage what they have left. Many are paying out of pocket for hotels while they wait to find a more permanent solution.

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