Scammers Demanding Money Claim to Represent Sheriff's Office

SHERWOOD, AR -- Bob and Julie Perry never expected to become victims of a telephone scam.

"He called me back and said I would be under arrest and go to jail that night if I didn't not come up with 1000 dollars," said Julie Perry, "They actually used an actual lieutenant's name at the police department and gave us a physical address of 2900 South Woodrow street which is an actual police evidence room."

The couple received a phone call Saturday from a man claiming to be a Pulaski County Sheriff's Deputy. That person ordered them to pay one thousand dollars to them to keep Julie from going to jail.

"I should have know better I should have know right there," said Perry.

The scammer told them to go to the EZ Mart in Sherwood and get two prepaid cards. According to the victims, those scammers aren't giving them an exact location on where to drop those money cards off. They claim they are tracking them via GPS on their cellphones. But the actual sheriff's office says that's not how they handle business.

"The main thing we just want to emphasize to people is that we don't take credits cards, we don't take debit cards, we are never going to ask you to go to Walgreens get any type of card we aren't going to ask you to meet us some place" said Lt. Carl Minden.

Luckily for the Perrys, they figured out the scam and hope they can keep others from being scammed.

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