State Education Board To Decide Winter Weather Waivers

- LITTLE ROCK, AR-- Thursday, state education leaders will decide whether to grant waivers to school districts surrounding missed days due to winter weather.

School leaders across the state say most of the time will be made up through days already built into the calendar, but for others many are asking for waivers.

75 applications to the state have been submitted asking to be excused from making up the time.

Thursday, school leaders will take the applications under consideration and it is their decision to choose what will happen.

However, many schools, in some way. will still have to extend the school year.

"That's just the way it is school is important ," said parent David Willems.

Some parents say students are not pleased with that reality.

"They are a sad. We start cheer camps the next week soon after that. So we are going to have a short summer," said parent Melissa Krebs.

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