Arkansas County Clerks Respond To Same-Sex Ban Ruling


LITTLE ROCK, AR- The Arkansas County Clerks (ACC) released the following statement in response to the same-sex ruling ban in Arkansas that was ruled unconstitutional on Friday.

The timing of a Pulaski County Circuit Court ruling late Friday in the middle of primary early voting that possibly alters marriage licensures in the State of Arkansas has put Arkansas County Clerks in a cumbersome situation as they try to not only follow the law and serve all their citizens but to also manage their accessible infrastructure in doing so.

A motion for stay was filed Friday and parties are awaiting a decision on a hearing or to grant or deny the motion to stay. If neither are granted, the parties will take their motion to the Supreme Court.

Only six county clerks are actually named defendants in the current ruling; it is questionable of the implications of this ruling on the other 69 counties that are non-parties. Several other county clerks and their counsel will await a ruling by the Supreme Court. The ruling is unclear for counties that are named in the suit or not. It doesn’t describe how to execute the order or more importantly allow for accurately doing so in some counties. County clerks have been consulting with their local legal counsel and will devise their plan of action.  

A stay would allow not only the legal process and its implications to properly manifest, but in this instance, it also allows county clerks a chance to carry out their marriage licensure role in an organized, efficient and accurate manner for all the people of Arkansas.

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