3 Arkansas Police Agencies Lose Military Weapons: Face Temporary Suspension

- LITTLE ROCK, AR- A federal program which supplies local and state law enforcement agencies with military equipment is now under the microscope because of the events transpiring in Ferguson, Missouri. The White House is focusing    on whether the "1033 Program" needs to be seriously revised, after finding out nearly 200 state and local police departments are suspended from the program for missing military weapons.

Those agencies include 3 in Arkansas. The Lawrence County Sheriff's Department reported a M14 rifle stolen and a night vision scope found damaged or destroyed. The Judsonia Police Department also suspended for stolen weapons, two 12-gauge shotguns. The Woodruff County Sheriff's Department reported three missing 12-gauge shotguns.

11 other police agencies in the Natural State are facing temporary suspension for not following certain program guidelines. One incident surrounds a stolen humvee that was not reported until a day later. It was later recovered. James Ray, who oversees the 1033 program in Arkansas says they're concerned these missing guns could end up in the wrong hands.

"I have no reason to believe that, but if we don't know where they are then hopefully we can get them back. I mean they've been reported stolen by the law enforcement agencies, they've been entered in NCIC," says James Ray, oversees 1033 Program in AR.

So if someone finds the stolen weapons, those serial numbers can be matched with ones reported in the database. A new investigation by Fusion.net found 184 state and local police departments across the U.S. are on temporary suspension for missing military weapons supplied by the pentagon. It's up to those departments to conduct their own investigation into the matter.

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