Volunteers Compile Bags Of Trash Collected Along Fourche River

- LITTLE ROCK, AR- Volunteers took over Little Rock this weekend, filling up bags and bags of trash.

A non-profit group called Keep Little Rock Beautiful organized the effort. People took their canoes out to Fourche Creek to collect anything they could find.

"There's just tons more down stream before you make it to the Arkansas River," says Norm Berner, with Keep Little Rock Beautiful.

Since there's so much trash to be collected, voluteers turn out weekly to clean up.

"If the citizens knew how much stuff makes it to the creeks that comes off their city streets, maybe they wouldn't throw out as much," says Berner

Volunteers found plastic bottles, glass bottles and more.

"We'll have milk jugs and we'll have anti-freeze containers and we'll have oil cans," says Rick Daes, Keep Little Rock Beautiful.

These are items that pollute our environment and harm wildlife.

"One cigarette butt will contaminate 2 gallons worth of water," explains Berner.

By cleaning a piece of Little Rock weekly, volunteers hope to educate the community to pick up after themselves.

"We're glad to hear we have a recycling effort because it's just not getting thrown into the landfill like so many other places or flushed out into the Arkansas River," says Berner.

The clean up event coincides with others being held across the country this weekend.

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