Vilonia Police Officer Under Investigation For Intimidation, Fondling

VILONIA, AR- A Vilonia Police Officer is under investigation for possible intimidation and assault. 

"It's not good. Nobody wants to see or hear or be associated with any type of behavior like that," says Brad McNew, Vilonia Police Chief.

Vilonia's Police Chief, Brad McNew, is working with Arkansas State Police as it investigates two claims of intimidation and forcible fondling leveled against one of his own.

In two separate reports filed with the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office, a young woman claims the officer pulled her and a friend over for a broken tail light. During a pat down, she says the officer touched her inappropriately.

"We do have video in our vehicles that will be a part of evidence," says McNew.

In another report, a father says the officer pulled over and arrested his son, this after he repeatedly text messaged and harassed his son over a month period, and that it started after the son insulted the officer's daughter. According to the report, one message read, "I know you have a suspended license, and I will pull you over every time I see you."
The report also shows there was a confrontation between the dad and officer after the teen was pulled over. According to the report, the dad refused the officer's request to search his son's truck, and that the officer shoved the dad against the truck, told him to drop his son's keys or he would be tased. At some point during all this, the report states the son kicked the back glass out of the patrol car.

Faulkner County Prosecuting Attorney, Cody Hiland is ensuring the case gets a fair review.

"Even if it's an allegation, we have to take it seriously. We're in the public trust, a position of public trust and it's important the public have that trust in us to maintain and do our jobs," he says.

"We're just going to see what the investigation reveals and deal with it," says McNew.

 McNew says the department will take appropriate action once the investigation is complete. In the meantime, the officer is on paid administrative leave.

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