Mother Claims Security Punched, Pepper Sprayed Daughter at School for No Reason

- LITTLE ROCK, AR- A mother is seeking justice after she says school security guards attacked, pepper sprayed and arrested her 14-year-old daughter at school for no reason.

Nacole Gilbert says it all started when a fight broke out in the lunch room at Hamilton Learning Academy in Little Rock on Thursday. Gilbert says her daughter walked out of the cafeteria after a fight started and school security intervened, but when she came back a few minutes later to finish lunch with friends, Gilbert says two school security guards approached her daughter, called her derogatory names, then tackled her to the ground.

"I feel disgusted, I feel like my child's rights have been violated," says Nacole Gilbert, parent. "They're telling her shut up B, retarded B, I'm gonna call your daddy on you and she's mad now."

The school wouldn't release security video of the incident, but Gilbert has seen it. She says it proves her daughter did nothing to deserve this.

"They walked over to the side of her table, she stood up, and he just ran and just knocked her to the floor," says Gilbert.

But it didn't stop there. Gilbert says the video shows a security guard punch her daughter in the head, and that's when Little Rock Police Officers walked in and tried to handcuff her.

"I seen him with handcuffs putting them on her and he sprayed her with pepper spray , they hit her head against the table," says Gilbert.

According to a police report Gilbert received, officers found two school security guards on the floor with her daughter who was kicking and punching at security. That's when an officer handcuffed one of her wrists, but she broke loose and began swinging the handcuff, striking security.

"The security guards said they were sent in there to get my baby because she was unruly, but she was not and the tape shows that. She was not! And the principal said she didn't send them in there," says Gilbert.

Gilbert believes her daughter had the right to resist for randomly being attacked. She thinks her daughter may have been targeted because of a previous altercation.

"I don't know if that's the reason why or what it is, but they attacked my child for nothing," says Gilbert.

Now, her daughter is behind bars in juvenile hall and suspended from school for ten days.

"It's awful to watch somebody abuse your kid like that and then your kid get locked up and there's nothing you can do about it," says Gilbert.

Gilbert wants the two security guards out and school officials held accountable.

"I want to see them out of here for the lying and the abusing of these kids," says Gilbert.

FOX 16 contacted the Little Rock School District for comment, but spokeswoman Pamela Smith says she didn't have the report available in order to comment, but confirmed the district is investigating.

Gilbert is not the only mother seeing this problem, other parents are coming forward claiming unnecessary abuse. Parents say they plan to be at the LRSD meeting Thursday night to voice their concerns. Gilbert says she is going to take legal action against the two school security guards.

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