Thieves Drive Off With Thousands Of Dollars In Farming Equipment

- ALTHEIMER, AR- Thieves make off with $60,000 worth of farming equipment and the whole thing was caught on camera.

Greg Blocker, an employee at Dean-Henderson Equipment Company, was shocked early Saturday morning, after finding equipment missing from the company lot.

"Very frustrated, I mean I was the first one to see it and I unlocked the gate and I was fussing," says Greg Blocker.

When he saw the tire tracks, he knew right then what had happened overnight. Thieves stole two RTVs and a tractor loader. Turns out, whoever is behind the crime, knew what they were doing.

"We do things to where the tractor won't start or the RTV won't start, but they're going around it somehow and getting them to start," he says.

Surveillance footage shows two men driving a tractor over the street. Seconds later, a Jefferson County Sheriff's car drives right past them.

Since 2006, more than $200,000 dollars worth of farming equipment have been stolen and they're hoping folks who've seen anything on Saturday June 21st, can come forward with any information. In the meantime they're figuring out a way to better keep criminals off their property.

"You can't just put a fence around it because they'll break down the gates and still get the equipment. So it's hard to keep it locked up," says Blocker.

The company plans to beef up its surveillance system and add on security devices to equipment.

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