Online Tool Helps Arkansas School Combat Bullying

- CLARKSVILLE, AR- A couple of schools in Clarksville are taking part in a pilot program to crack down on bullying on campus. Since August, Pyron Elementary School Officials say the results have been promising. The online program is called Take Action Reporting. Students, parents and school staff can fill out a form to report bullying incidents, while remaining anonymous.

"What will happen is I will get an email like this and this is the most recent one," says Christel Thompson, Pyron Elementary School Principal.

Christel Thompson is finding it much easier to address.

"If you could just pick it up by email on your phone, and you see that bullying report, you can take care of it right away," says Thompson.

Thompson is getting tips she normally wouldn't get through this bullying basket, which sits empty in the front office.

"I always want to go talk to the student who may or may not have been bullied and make sure it's the real deal and  follow up with any punishment that may be needed," says Thompson.

The link can be found on the school website. All you have to do is fill out the form, which asks for the date, time and type of incident.

"Just with that piece of technology that the students have in their hands, it could really be preventative," says Thompson.

While you can remain anonymous, Thompson is finding people are actually leaving their names, which makes the problem easier to address. The most recent incident happened on a school bus, a problem that was quickly fixed, thanks to the online program. Thompson believes all schools should follow suit.

"As a school district you have to prevent and you have to be proactive and Take Action Reporting is a piece of that prevention," says Thompson.

A middle school next door to Pyron Elementary is also using the same program and are seeing similar results.

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