Grandparents Reunite With Granddaughter Who Was Kidnapped From Home

- CONWAY, AR- A 4-year-old Conway girl reunites with her grandparents Friday night, after being kidnapped and taken nearly two hours away from home.

Police found little Brighton Gibbs with her father Nakia Gibbs and grandfather Johnny Gibbs in Forrest City. The two men were arrested and taken into custody.

We talked to the girl's grandmother who says Nakia had been in prison for months, and surprised them at their doorstep Friday morning.

"To have your child taken away like that, you don't know what's going through your mind," says Norma Curlett, grandmother. "I let him in, but I didn't think that he was gonna do anything. I thought he was coming to check up on and see her. He just came in and he was just going to take the baby, so I told him he couldn't, but he said he was, and I didn't want to put up no fight with him."

So Curlett called police. The Conway Police Department posted Gibbs' information all over social media, when they finally received word around 2pm, they were in custody in Lonoke county. However, authorities say there was a mix up.

"They were there and we were notified and then we were notified that they were not there anymore," says LaTresha Woodruff, Conway Police.

The alert went back out again, the girl still no where to be found. Lonoke County Sheriff John Staley explained the Gibbs visited a family member at the jail, bringing Brighton with them. When they checked in, they were clear, and visited for 10-15 minutes. But by the time the computer system showed there was a warrant out for their arrest, all three were gone.

"We really didn't waste a whole lot of time. We found out rather quickly that they were not there," says Woodruff.

The Gibbs were found in Forrest City around 4pm and were arrested for Interference with Custody.

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