Undercover Officers Work "Fetish" Websites To Crack Down On Child Predators

- FAULKNER CO, AR - Crimes against children. Prosecutors in Faulkner County are seeing an increase in this type of criminal activity with just a click of a mouse.

Undercover officers are using "fetish" websites like Fet-Life, to catch predators before they commit a crime.

"Anytime you have a website where you have over 2 million people that are visiting that website, think it'd be a lot easier to hide in the numbers," says Troy Braswell, Faulkner County Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney. "It allows people to find other individuals to have those same interests and unfortunately, it also can lead to these people committing crimes together."

Right now, Troy Braswell is working on several cases that involve these kinds of crimes. The most recent case surrounds Josh George, 30, a former Arkansas Community Correction Officer who was arrested in early April. Court documents allege the former Arkansas Correctional Officer tried to meet up with a woman for sex with her children.

"We've had individuals who are looking for sex with people's children, looking for the exchange of pictures of children," says Braswell.

Braswell says most of the time these predators make that clear in online chat rooms. They found that with one dermatologist in Texas they were investigating.

"He began to exchange these types of pictures with her. Probably some of the most disturbing child pornography pictures I've had to see in my career," says Braswell.

While law enforcement continue to monitor these chat rooms, they're asking parents to protect their children from these websites too.

"The people that are going to these sites that are looking for this type of criminal activity, it's intentional and they know exactly what they're doing," says Braswell. "Not all criminals are behind a ski mask and with a gun. Criminals are going to use technology and any other tools they can come across to commit these acts."

The prosecuting office is also working on a case from January 2013, alleging a Missouri man drove to Conway to meet up with a young girl for sex. He's expected in court for a pre-trail hearing in June.

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