Businesses Hop On Board To Stop Bullet Factory From Opening In NLR

- NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR-     An effort to shoot down a proposal to bring an ammunition factory into a North Little Rock neighborhood is gaining momentum as businesses now hop on board. In a community meeting Wednesday night, neighbors and business owners gathered together to organize a petition to keep the company, Precision Ammunition Components LLC, out.

"With an ammunition factory where ammunition is being made and produced and fired, I mean I wouldn't want to bring my family down here," says Michael Carpenter, Business Owner.

Carpenter has been collecting signatures since last Wednesday, the day after the city's planning commission voted 5-4 to approve the company's request. Carpenter fears this could jeopardize business at his cafe and other shops on main street, saying the company would make bullets and ammunition on site and also test them out.

"A fire might break out, gun powder explosion," says Carpenter. "I also have two small young children who will be directly across the street from this."

Parents also voiced their concerns about their kids safety, health and noise that could come from the factory if it operates near their neighborhood. While some argue this company can bring in jobs, residents say it's not enough to keep around.

"Everyone wants a job and everyone wants people in Argenta, but I don't think we want bullets and bombs," says Charlie Hart, resident.

"It's not like they're going to be employing 50-100 people. I mean it's 4-5 people," says Carpenter.

While it's clear residents want to see growth in their neighborhood, they don't want it firing the wrong direction.

"I know I wouldn't have bought my house if I would've known if there was an ammunition factory across the street from it," says Carpenter.

FOX16 News called and left messages for the owner of Precision Ammunition Components LLC, but haven't heard back. Concerned citizens plan to present a map of residents effected and a petition with at least 100 signatures to council at its meeting Monday night, where council is expected to vote on the matter.

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