Sunday Night Storms Damage Homes and Leave One Man Homeless

- DOVER, AR- Sunday night's storm is leaving a pathway of downed trees, debris and damage to a mobile home park in Dover that left one man homeless. Residents of the Chaney Mobile Home Park are picking up the pieces three days later.

David Morris lost pretty much everything, after two trees came crashing down on to his house.

"Boom! Swoosh! That's what it sounded like," says David Morris.

A sound and impact that won't fade away anytime soon.

"I'm still pretty shook up of it," says Morris. "All of a sudden, I don't know what happened. Something pushed me down to the floor."

The ceiling fell in. Morris says it trapped his friend inside the bedroom.

"[The tree] had him pinned in. The ceiling had fallen down on top of him, so I had to dig him out," says Morris.

The damage to his home is severe. Morris' personal belongs are scattered all over the place along with other house debris and broken glass. He says he's lucky he's still here.

"If I had been on the couch, if I hadn't had to go to the restroom at the time, that tree would be on me," says Morris.

Neighbors also had some damage to their homes. On Wednesday, they cleaned debris around the mobile home park and piled fallen trees off to the side. Meanwhile, Morris is left wondering what to do next.

"I'm disabled, totally disabled and get little checks each month. I'm not sure. I'll try to take some of this to the scrap yard and make a little bit of money," says Morris.

Right now, some nearby churches and the Salvation Army are helping Morris. The Red Cross put him up in a motel for the week.

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