Little Rock Shooting Leaves 2 In Critical Condition, Suspects At Large

- LITTLE ROCK, AR- An early Thursday morning shooting in Little Rock's SoMa neighborhood sends two men to the hospital. Little Rock Police say an argument escalated to gunfire at 3am.

When police arrived on scene, they found a man lying on the street with gun shot wounds, who then directed officers to a nearby alley way where they found another man lying in a parking lot with gunshot wounds to the chest.

"I'm very concerned because this area's revitalization is moving so well," says Richard Deutsch, Piano Kraft Owner.

The shooting really hit a high note in the SoMa community where people like Richard Deutsch have been working in harmony to put an end to violence.

"The concern really for the area is we don't want people to think this is a bad area, this is a great area. There's good people and I'm not going to speak on what happened other than the fact that I want people to understand this is an isolated incident, it's not like what it was 10 years ago," says Deutsch.

Police say a man shot two people then got in a car and continued firing shots as he took off. One of the bullets hit a vacant car parked in a lot across the street from Midtown Billiards.

"There's only so much you can do. Most of the businesses close here at 6 o'clock. Then you have businesses that are open later," he says.

Deutsch notes police are doing what they can to help deter crime, "The police can't guard everything every second of the day. Any of the things that I ever heard bad happening in this area, are always after 11 o'clock."

Even police accent the progress growing on South Main Street.

"That area has quieten down quite a bit. I mean there aren't many issues that I can think of  even when I look through the report history. There aren't many calls," says Lt. Sidney Allen, Little Rock Police Department.

They hope continued efforts to keep the SoMa District safe is the key to keep it on the upscale.

"It is safe. Isolated incidents will happen anywhere. It doesn't matter where you are," says Deutsch.

Police say they are looking for two men. They don't have a good description of them, but one of them was driving a green Cadillac. Call police if you have any information.

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