AR Police Organization Speaks Out Against Judge's Comments Regarding Ferguson Shooting

- LITTLE ROCK, AR- An Arkansas police organization is speaking out against what they say are racial comments a circuit court judge is making on social media.

It all centers around the killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri and the events that followed. Circuit Court Judge Wendell Griffen has been putting on Facebook his personal views about that situation. On Thursday, the Arkansas State Fraternal Order of Police has something to say about that. Judge Griffen has listed topics from looting to people's rights to protest, but it's what he's saying about police that has the organization upset.

On the judge's Facebook page, some of his comments talk about how both culturally and politically incompetent the Ferguson Police Department is. He also discusses what he feels is unprofessional leadership among police. The Arkansas State Fraternal Order of Police, don't agree with the comments saying a public figure as himself should be open-minded about an issue like this, as it represents police agencies in Arkansas as well. While the organization wouldn't comment on camera today, they released this statement...

"Officers of the organization are not happy with the stance Judge Wendell Griffen is taking and the comments he's making on social media concerning law enforcement officers in Ferguson, Missouri as well as local law enforcement officers."

FOX16 was the first to speak with Judge Griffen about the Ferguson shooting last week. In response to the organization's statement, he says the officers have the right to be unhappy. He was simply exercising his first amendment rights.

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