Illegal Dumping Creates Big Mess in Lincoln County

- STAR CITY, AR- Illegal dumping is becoming a growing problem in Lincoln County, but a grant could help alleviate the problem seen along county roads.

"They're throwing out their couches, their refrigerators, washing machines, whatever they have that they don't want and they don't think they could get rid of somewhere else," says Lisa McGehee, Lincoln County Recycling Coordinator.

McGehee has been dealing with this problem for five years now. It's becoming so bad now, she helped get a $19,000 dollar grant to fund a shed that will house trashed furniture and other household items.

"Kinda like a 'junk-tique' if somebody wanted it, they can come get it," she says.

It's all a concrete slab now, but in two weeks it will be up and running. Residents can call their items in for pick up, while others can visit and buy something they like.

"It helps the county to raise money for the recycle center. Plus it helps your landfills not to get overcrowded," she says.

FOX16 News drove around county roads known for dumping on Wednesday and couldn't find any major source of dumping except for litter on the ground. Turns out, crews already made their way around the area to pick them up.

"People dumping stuff off in the creeks, you know damming up the creeks where we fish," says Christopher Williams, Resident.

Some neighbors believe more should be done to enforce the law.

"You see people dump it out and you call police and they do nothing about it," says Williams.

McGehee is utilizing all county resources, but this is the next step in helping alleviate the illegal dumping.

"We've got numerous people waiting on this to get it completely open, so they can say 'hey, come get this stuff,'" she says.

Some residents say it's costly to take items to the dump. Unfortunately, McGehee says the county doesn't have enough officers to fight the problem.

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