Group Saves Dogs From Morrilton Pound And Finds Them Forever Homes

- MORRILTON, AR- A small city, dealing with a big problem. Stray dogs are ending up in the Morrilton pound, only to be left euthanized. About 15 to 30 dogs are euthanized every month, according to the Morrilton Police Department. After learning the numbers, a group of women are sweeping them up before it's too late.

"She was going to go to the pound and we went to go get her out before she got there, and we rescued her," says Clarissa Riedmueller, with KC Pet Rescue.

Clarissa Riedmueller remembers what got her involved with the Morrilton pound. The dog she saved, KC, is the name behind the organization she launched in November called KC Pet Rescue.  Little did Riedmueller know she'd rescue every dog from the pound, since it has no choice but to put dogs down after 15 days since it's over populated.

"Very heart sickening, it was terrible. I just thought of my own dog being put down because I didn't know he was in the pound," says Riedmueller.

There's no public way of knowing if your dog is in the Morrilton pound. That was up until November when Riedmueller created a Facebook page called Morrilton Pound Puppies.

"I try to go over there once to twice a week. I take pictures to post on the Facebook page and try to get as much information as I can about where they were picked up, how old they might be," says Riedmueller.

A tearful reunion that took place at her home Thursday, proves it's working. A family who had been looking for their lost dog Spot three months ago got in contact with KC Pet Rescue who just so happened to find the dog.

"She sent me that picture and I was like oh my gosh that's Spot!" says the owner.

It's success stories like this one that keep Riedmueller going back to the pound week, after week.

"It's an emotional roller coaster. You see these sad dog that have no where to go or dumped or thrown out of a vehicle even, to the point of coming out and finding them a home," says Riedmueller.

Their goal is to build a no-kill shelter in Morrilton and educate the importance of spaying and neutering pets. Local businesses, the police chief, and a State Representative are supporting the group to help make this happen.

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