Audio Recordings Surface Four Months After Professor Gets Fired

- NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR - Explicit audio recordings released, following the termination of a Pulaski Technical College professor four months ago.

The Student Government asked the Faculty Senate at its meeting Wednesday to launch an investigation into sexual allegations made against former philosphy instructor Lyndel Roe.

The Student Government also explained it conducted its own investigation, which took several months, and discovered 10 hours worth of audio recordings from Roe's class surfaced. They believe the recordings could help fight the allegations a female student made against Roe in September 2013.

"If the college had, had those introduced to them at the time of their investigation, that Mr. Roe's outcome would've been different," said James Bozeman, Student Government President.

Roe told FOX16 news he agrees.

"Go through the termination document you'll find a majority of things that are listed in there are just not true," said Lyndel Roe. "I couldn't disprove any of these other statements because it was hers against mine at that point."

Roe, who had been with Pulaski Tech for 14 years, says one of the allegations stemmed from a class discussion on child sodomy. He said he responded to her question by asking if she had ever had anal sex with a man. The student responded that he had crossed the line.

"I say twice, say theoretically, say theoretically. I'm not asking about her personal preferences," said Roe.

But that was just one of many other allegations made. The student said Roe used degrading and demeaning terms to describe females and their body parts.

"The statements were cherry-picked in a way that was inaccurate of what I am discussing in the classroom," said Roe.

Meanwhile, some faculty members say they feel their quality of education has been compromised.

"We have faculty members who have observed lyndel Roe be terminated and even gone to his house and heard the compelling evidence and have seen the college administration put roadblocks in place for that evidence not to be introduced," said James Bozeman, Student Government President.

While Roe understand his career may never be the same, he hopes to get some sort of justice from the recordings.

"I'll have to change career fields or do something that's peripheral to philosophy, so yeah it's terrible," said Roe.

The faculty senate voted to appoint a committee to launch an investigation as soon as possible.

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