Flooded Street Prompts Safety Concerns Among Residents

- SALINE COUNTY, AR- Dry weather is what one Saline County neighborhood hopes for because when it rains, their street goes under water. It's caused major problems for those who need to get in and out of their house.

Neighbors on Mary Lane, off of Vimy Ridge Road say they deal with flooding almost every time it rains. They say county workers dredged the ground last summer, and while it's helped for a bit, flooding is still an issue and not much is being done to protect them.

"There's no adequate drainage period," says Darlene Bagley, resident.

Darlene Bagley showed FOX 16 the root of the problem on the side of Mary Lane. She says the flooding poses a danger to residents.

"I'm not sure at some point in time that emergency services such as ambulance police and fire could get through if they needed to," says Bagley.

Cars occasionally get stuck, and homes, "Their basement here you can see has flooded," says Bagley.

Bagley admits the cost of damage is coming out of pocket.

"When it rains hard and it floods, we don't take the car out," says Kelly Fleming, resident. "There's no getting it up and down the road, you can't get out in it, you can't get home in it."

Like most neighbors, Fleming has to leave her car at home, knowing she won't be able to make it across the water.

"It gets deep. There are times where you don't know where the road is," says Fleming.

While water remains along the road, neighbors say another problem flood waters are creating are large potholes.

"This road is the only way in and out for all the residents on the street," says Bagley.

For kids who are just getting back from school, well you can imagine their walk home.

"After living here for almost 7 years, paying taxes for 7 years, all I'm asking is for them to come and fix the road appropriately like it should be done," says Bagley.

Saline County Judge Lanny Fite says crews will put a culvert at the end of the road, since the current ones are undersized. They will also fix similar problems seen on Vimy Ridge Rd. Work should start before April.

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