Teen Shares Her Story Of Being Bullied Online Hoping To Inspire Others

- LITTLE ROCK, AR- A Central Arkansas teenager turns to social media as a cry for help.

"When everybody started texting me, telling me I should kill myself, I really didn't know what to do anymore and I just felt I needed help," says Stephanie Guinn.

Bullied for four months by classmates, this 17-year-old says she didn't know what to do, but knew taking her life was not an option and wants to inspire others like her to step up and stop bullying.

Guinn says she's endured threatening text messages and harassments. She fell into a state of depression, didn't know what to do, and didn't know where to go. That's when it clicked, literally typing up her story on Facebook for everyone to see and share.

"The past two months have been the worst months of my life. I started receiving texts saying I should kill myself because I don't deserve to live," says Stephanie, as she reads her story aloud on Facebook.

As you could imagine, Stephanie's mother Charmaine Bradley, was immediately brought to tears.

"It made me feel very bad for her," says Charmaine Bradley, mother.

Charmaine found out her daughter was being bullied when she came across her Facebook post.

"I felt horrible as a mother because I did not even realize it was happening to my child," says Charmaine.

"I know many people who've gotten bullied and couldn't handle the pressures so they ended their life," says Stephanie, as she reads her story aloud on Facebook.

Charmaine fears what would've happened to her daughter if she didn't come out with it at all.

"After class one day she was pinned up against the locker by another male student who told her to drop the order protection or he would put her 6 ft under," says Charmaine.

Charmaine says she got an order protection against two students, yet the harassment never went away. The only thing one teacher did was move Stephanie four rows away in class.

"When it comes to the point you're having to put an order protection on somebody, than there should be something more enforced in the school," says Charmaine.

Charmaine says she met with school leaders who suggested Stephanie report every incident.

"Stephanie has been back to the school twice since then and does not feel safe and just cannot go back."

So she pulled her daughter out of school. The teen has already missed so many classes because of bullying, she's failing the 11th grade.

"I didn't eat for a week, I laid in my bedroom pure darkness, cried myself to sleep and I wouldn't talk to anybody," says Stephanie.

The teen credits one person at school who encouraged her to stay positive.

"I wrote this status to show you that bullying could happen to anybody, anywhere, and to try to put an end to bullying," says Stephanie.

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