Tickets Sold Out For U.S. Premiere Of Devil's Knot

- LITTLE ROCK, AR - The U.S. theatrical premiere of Devil's Knot, a film about the case of the men known as the West Memphis Three, will debut in downtown Little Rock.

Movie tickets went on sale April 1st, and sold out in three hours, according to the Central Arkansas Library System (CALS).

The film will premiere at the Ron Robinson Theater because the story remains rooted in the Natural State where most of the people portrayed still live.

"We've noticed in different websites and blogs the attention that the city of Little Rock is getting. And so this is one other area that we can show off the wonderful resources that we have here in the city," says Susan Gele, CALS spokesperson.

The premiere will take place at the Ron Robinson Theater May 3 at 6:30 p.m.

Several cast members are expected to attend.

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