Big Rig Gets Lodged Under Railroad Bridge

- NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A big rig filled with thousands of pounds of sugar got lodged under a railroad bridge in North Little Rock on Thursday.

Crews on scene say the driver most likely wasn't paying attention to the signs that warn truck drivers of the bridge's height clearance on Broadway and Pike streets.

On Thursday morning, police responded to the big rig found crammed under the Baring Railroad Bridge.

Crews later showed up and removed dozens of bags of sugar from the truck. It had to be offloaded because the trailer had busted in the middle and there was nothing they could do until the truck was clear.

"There's one [height clearance] on the bridge, and there's one before you get to the bridge that says 12 foot six. Most trailers are over 13 and above. Most drivers should know that," said Scotty Helton from Phillips Bros Towing.

Crews say it's a sight they see to often at the bridge, so when they got the call to go there, they knew exactly what had happened.

However, city officials say it only happens on average once a year. If the city wanted to lower the road or raise the bridge to accommodate over-sized trucks, officials say it would cost millions of dollars.

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