Arkansas Major Highways and Bridges Clear Of Snow

Published 02/06 2014 10:03PM

Updated 02/06 2014 10:50PM

LITTLE ROCK, AR- Light snow fell throughout much of Central Arkansas Thursday. Despite the snow flurries, the roads were pretty much clear around the area.

Since the roadways are already cold, we're not seeing the snow melt and refreeze.

Drivers say the roads were much better today compared to earlier in the week.

"Way more easier than we just had like two days ago with the ice and stuff," said Crystal Peters.

"Actually saw quite a bit of ice where water had perhaps melted during the day had refrozen, covered the street completely," said Troy Fontenot.

Even though the roads look clear, be cautious of icy spots.
You can find some icy patches on roadways that are less traveled and aren't seeing a lot of direct sunlight.

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