Half Naked Woman Accused Of Swiping $96 Worth Of Meat

- LITTLE ROCK, AR- Dramatic video captured on a cellphone, as a woman tries to walk out of the Edwards Food Giant off Cantrell Road in Little Rock, with 8 packages of meat in her purse.

In a police report, store employees told officers they tried to stop the woman from stealing $96 dollars worth of meat, when she became violent and stripped off her clothes.

In the video, released by the Forbidden Hillcrest, you can see an employee and security guard try to get the meat out of the woman's purse, while she's shouting at them.

You can also hear an employee deny her repeated claims of sexual assault. The woman left empty handed, with no meat and no pants. She's being dubbed the 'Semi-naked Meat Bandit.'

Some ladies who work next door to the grocery store say they never saw this coming.

"That's really hard to believe, being in this area and next door. Edwards Food Giant? No, not on Cantrell," says Dominique Pettus.

In fact, they never saw the pant-less woman run by their pizza shop that Monday night.

"The time that that happened, we were getting ready to close," says Pettus.

When police got on the scene, they searched the area, but no sign of the woman.

Edwards Food Giant declined to comment on the incident.

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