Massive Pile Of Trash Found Along Fourche Creek In Little Rock

- LITTLE ROCK, AR - Several dump trucks worth of trash is piled up along a Little Rock creek, sitting there for months. It's doing more damage than good to our environment.

Volunteers with the non-profit group, Keep Little Rock Beautiful, say it's a cycle and consistent problem at Fourche Creek. Now they're hoping Arkansans can get involved in the effort to keep the Natural State clean.

"It goes beneath the surface here to a depth we're not quite sure. The water is probably about 8 feet deep behind us here," says Norm Berner, Keep Little Rock Beautiful.

Norm Berner, shows off a good visual of what happens when your trash ends up on city streets. About 90 percent of litter piles up on Fourche Creek.

"All of this stuff is just nasty and it's killing the water and the aquatic life that's here," says Berner. "Most people think that it goes somewhere to get processed."

A couple of downed trees are now serving a different purpose.

"The good news is, it's catching the trash that otherwise would've kept going down stream," says Berner.

You can find anything from sports equipment to a boat and soda cans and bottles.

"Ideally, the only thing that should go down the storm drain is water," says Jonathan Young, Audubon Arkansas.

Jonathan Young with Audubon Arkansas points out empty prescription bottles, detergent and oil containers that are going through the drains, which are contaminating Arkansas' waters and harming wildlife.

"You know that bottle that rattled out of the trash can when you were going down main street, pick it up because this is where it's gonna be," says Young.

These volunteers want you to know this could easily be prevented.

"Maybe we can get more people on board and start adopting streets. We can all make a difference," says Berner.

Keep Little Rock Beautiful is asking you to join their efforts to keep the environment clean. If you'd like to help out, you can send an email to Norm Berner at or call (501) 454-3456

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