Man Killed In Fort Smith Mall Parking Lot

- FORT SMITH, AR- A man is killed after he confronts his estranged wife and two other men at Central Mall, according to Fort Smith Police.

Fadi "Frankie" Qandil, 34, died of injuries sustained from multiple gunshot wounds to the upper torso in a parking lot between the Malco Theaters and JCPenny Saturday night (May 10), according to Sgt. Daniel Grubbs.

Fort Smith Police responded to a report of shots fired at the mall at 7:41 p.m.

Investigators said Qandil confronted his estranged wife, Tabitha Qandil, 31, Grayson Herrera, 23, and Dustin O'Conner, 27, as the three were headed to the movie theater.

"The victim raised his shirt and showed a weapon within his waistband, began to pull the weapon. The other two were concealed handgun weapon carriers and they pulled their weapons, and there was an exchange of gunfire," said Grubbs.

An off-duty officer was working security inside the Malco, another off-duty officer was attending a movie, when both heard the shots and ran to the parking lot, according to Grubbs. The officers were able to disarmed Herrera and O'Conner.

"There was obviously multiple gunshots that were exchanged in this parking lot. That's very concerning, it's very disturbing, considering it's Saturday and a lot of traffic here," said Grubbs.

Herrera was struck once and taken by ambulance to a Fort Smith hospital. Grubbs said he was expected to be released by Sunday morning. Detectives planned to interview him after his release.

O'Conner and Tabitha Qandil were not injured. Both were taken to the Fort Smith Police Department for questioning.

Officers were on scene late Saturday night, collecting shell casings and other evidence.

Grubbs said at this point in the investigation, it is unknown if the men knew each other. He said several reports have been filed with the Fort Smith Police Department between the victim and his estranged wife.

A member of the Sebastian County Prosecutor's Office was at the scene, at this point, no charges have been filed, according to Grubbs.

No other injuries were reported.

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