Proposed Ammo Manufacture Plant In NLR Neighborhood Sparks Controversy

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR- A bullet manufacturing plant is one step closer to opening its doors in North Little Rock. 

The ammo plant would set up shop in an old warehouse building on 8th street. The company, Precision Ammunition Components LLC would make bullets and ammunition and test it out on site, but just down the street, neighbors of the Argenta Historic District are shooting down the idea.

"People in the neighborhood are upset with the creosote. And now you're putting in an ammunition manufacturing factory," says Charlie Hart, NLR resident.

Hart is now aiming to stop a bullet manufacturing company from moving next door, "Doesn't sit well with me that they said they were only going to manufacturing the bullets and then come to find out they're also going to test fire them also."

The North Little Rock Planning Commission approved the company’s request in a 5-4 vote Tuesday night. But now, dozens of neighbors don’t want city council to pull the trigger, knowing it will ruin their quality of life.

"The value of your house possibly could decline with an ammunitions dump in your back yard,” says Hart.

Neighbors worry this is going to do more harm than good because so many kids live next door and play at a nearby park, all year round.

"Kids playing in the area, it's summer time. Something could go wrong," says Hart.

Not only a safety issue, but Hart also says a health concern, since gun powder and lead will be handled onsite.

"It seems like they've gone too far now for this neighborhood because it is a residential neighborhood. I mean people live here. This neighborhood is on the rise. A lot of people want to move into this neighborhood,” says Hart.

The company didn’t return calls for comment, but on its application, it says the process is not expected to harm the adjoining properties. The plan is now in the hands of city council who is expected to vote on this at its next meeting. Residents say they’re also drafting a petition to show council they don’t want the bullet manufacturing plant in their back yard.

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